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Ep. 116:  Making the Case:  Best WDW Park

Ep. 116: Making the Case: Best WDW Park

March 25, 2019

We have a treat for you today.  An actual lawyer, Douglas Bates, joins us in the graveyard to critique our arguments from episode 110.  He also makes his case for his favorite park at WDW.  Sit back and enjoy our friendly banter as we give information on why our parks are the best.  Just know up front that we do not take direction well and Douglas' efforts to make us better students of law were all for naught.  OBJECTION!

Ep. 115:  Queue Madness Finale

Ep. 115: Queue Madness Finale

March 21, 2019

Oh are you in luck today as we finish up our final ride queue show.  Listen in as we take the final 16 ride queues and add some bracketology flair.  Though you may just need to agree to disagree with Matt as he is a little on edge.  What is your favorite ride to wait in line for?  That's a trick question.  Another pondering:  What sports announcer would you like to hear narrate Haunted Mansion?  Prepare to hear our answers to that very question and more on this Thursday edition of GGG.  Our apologies to Massachusetts.

Ep. 114: Top Stops to Shop!

Ep. 114: Top Stops to Shop!

March 18, 2019

Welcome back foolish mortals!  We thank you for stopping by the graveyard for another episode of GGG.  Today we discuss the one thing you simply cannot avoid at Walt Disney World: shopping.  While at the most magical place on earth it often seems as if there is a gift shop everywhere you turn.  In this episode we let you know which ones are worth checking out (and some you need to run far away from).  Where can you find great attraction-specific merchandise?  Where can you go to find everything?  What stores should you at least take a  few moments to browse through?  You'll find out about all of that and more here on Episode 114!

Where do you like to shop at WDW?  Let us know!  Have a show idea?  Let us know!  Want to come on the show to talk about a recent trip you've been on?  LET US KNOW!

Ep. 113:  Retro Trip Rundown-24 Hour Day May 2014

Ep. 113: Retro Trip Rundown-24 Hour Day May 2014

March 11, 2019

Today we change the meaning of RTR for this Retro Trip Rundown.  Matt and Derek reminisce about their trip to WDW back in May of 2014 and Craig attempts to guilt-shame them for not inviting him. 

If you would like to share a past trip or a recent trip, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or email at  We always love to hear your experiences.

Thanks for listening and sharing.

Ep. 112:  Queue Madness! Pt 2 (#30-17)

Ep. 112: Queue Madness! Pt 2 (#30-17)

March 7, 2019

Welcome to part 2 of our 3 part series ranking the top ride queues in WDW.  We finish up the rankings this week before sending the top 16 on to the brackets in two weeks.  Will your favorite queue survive?  We encourage you to let Craig, aka Controversy, know how much his picks upset you.   We hope you enjoy and let us know your rankings.

Ep. 111: Like, Love and Loathe…Sunset Boulevard

Ep. 111: Like, Love and Loathe…Sunset Boulevard

March 4, 2019

Hello to all!  One of our favorites segments is back as for this episode we head over to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Sunset Blvd. is the area of choice, as we share some of our likes, loves, and loathes from this "land" in DHS.  What do you need to make sure you experience on Sunset?  What should you avoid?  How can Disney improve it?  We tackle all of these and more in today's LLL segment!

What do you like/love/loathe about Sunset Blvd.?  Let us know, and have a magical day!

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