Grim Grinning Guys: Walt Disney World Planning (WDW)

Ep. 161: Like, Love & Loathe–World Showcase

October 21, 2019

Hello again, happy haunts!  Today we return to one of our favorite recurring shows, "Like, Love & Loathe."  This time we're discussing one of our favorite theme park "lands," World Showcase in Epcot.  What are some things the guys enjoy there?  What do they absolutely love?  What would they change if they had any power whatsoever?  Listen in to what's sure to "stir up" some controversy, and the Grim Grinning Guys take you around the world (sort of)!

What do you like/love/loathe about World Showcase?  Let us know!  And as always, thanks for listening and supporting the show!